Saturday, June 09, 2007

Somebody's checkin' in!

Hannah had a sleepover birthday party yesterday, and I had forgotten what little-girl sleepovers were like. Hannah estimates it was *2 AM* before they went to bed. That is after I went down after 1 AM and told them no more tv and lights out. When one of the moms came this morning for the pick-up, she brought me roses from her garden for my bravery in being the first parent to host a sleepover party for Hannah's same-aged cohort. Sweet.

I can't say that the sleepover helped my day-long headache of yesterday, but at least it was gone when I got up this morning. The girls got up at 8! Crazy! Hannah and I have been acting like pot-heads all afternoon with the lack and poor quality of sleep--everything has been 10 times funnier than it should be. We are going to bed EARLY tonight!

John left at 10 AM to pedal his butt down (up?) the Neckar. At 4 PM, the thunderstorm that was predicted hit us here at the house, and it's still raining over an hour later. We'll see if he made it as far as the hostel this afternoon. If not, he may be on the train headed home already today instead of tomorrow afternoon.

I don't like driving in the rain or when it is dim out, but I may be forced by the storm to do both. A family's got to eat. Hopefully I won't whack into anything this time. Wish me luck!


westexgirl said...

Ah, sleepovers... if I recall correctly, it was rare that *we* crashed before 3:00-3:30, though I think we were more inclined to sleep until at least 9:30. ;)

Hats off to you, friend... can you believe they are reaching the double digits this year??? How in the world did we allow this to happen?

Nee S. said...

John's mom kept telling me when Hannah was smaller that I should put a brick on her head to keep her little, but I have only really been considering it recently. :-)