Thursday, May 17, 2007

Throw Away Your TV

With Hannah, there is really no need for TV to be entertained around here. This morning John and I were talking about Jerry Falwell dying, and I mentioned that I didn't appreciate religiously oriented people claiming that non-religious people didn't have morals. John asked what morals I had. Well, I don't think you should kill people. Hannah chimed in, you shouldn't stick forks in people's eyes. Well, exactly! That's what I'm talking about!

Then this afternoon, Hannah made a Lego car (for a cat to drive). She included a little rooftop terrace, where her Barbie in Swan Lake skunk Kelly girl was perched with a bowl. I was telling Hannah that she really shouldn't make it easier for the skunky girl to get around and stink up the place, and she pointed out, "she’s extra eating rose petals so that her farts won’t smell so bad." So now you know.

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