Monday, May 07, 2007

Pam's Potatoes

I want to give John’s side of the family a fair shake with the recipe-sharing, so here is a recipe we call "Pam’s Potatoes", but which could just as well be called "Heart-Attack Potatoes" or "Death by Dairy Potatoes." John’s dad swears he invented this dish and doesn’t see why John’s ex-step-mother should get the credit, but she’s who we learned it from. Dial 9-1 before you start eating them, then 1 again if your heart starts to go.

Pam’s Potatoes
1 pint whipping cream
sour cream
1 onion, in thin slices
1 lb. chunk of Velveeta, in bits
5 or more potatoes
Boil the potatoes, but not all the way done. Slice the partially boiled potatoes. Pour a little whipping cream in the bottom of a casserole. Put down a layer of potatoes, then some onions, then pats/bits of margarine, sour cream, and Velveeta, and salt and pepper the layer. Continue making layers until you run out of potatoes, and pour the whipping cream over the whole thing. Bake at 350F about 30 minutes or until bubbly and melty.

[ETA: oops! The third ingredient is "sour cream", not "cream cheese". I'm not sure what the recipe originally called for, but John pointed out that we always use sour cream.]


westexgirl said...

We call them "Heart-Stopping Potatoes" or occasionally, "The Artery Clogging Potato Dish", but damn they are good!

Nee S. said...

Dude! Have we made them for you? I only remember making them for John's mom, but it is one of the few dishes we are good at, so the odds are, if you ate with us, you ate them.

westexgirl said...

Yep, you fed them to me and a friend on one of our visits... along with that rockin' meatloaf. I harrassed you for both recipes until I got them... they are now hard and fast "company" recipes in our house. We would make them on other occasions, but we want to live. ;)