Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Music Soothes the Savage Breast?

Or not. I’ve had a series of earworms the last few days that have not been annoying so much as inexplicable. Usually, I walk around humming the theme from the Beverly Hillbillies or Mahler’s 1st Symphony. Since yesterday, I’ve had stuck in my head, at various times:

* the background music to Eminem’s “Stan” (which on checking is Dido’s “Thank You”)

* Spongebob’s “Campfire Song” (C-A-M-P-F-I-R-E, sing it!)

* “Do You Really Want It?” by that irascible duo, Soul Control

B-O-M-B-Y has been useless in the face of this musical onslaught. I wonder if this is my brain’s way of telling me, “All circuits are busy. Enjoy some music while you’re on hold.”

Speaking of music, I have a bone to pick with John. Back when Hannah was little (*sob*), we looked at the music on our computer and decided some of it was inappropriate if she should come across it. Yet, I see that King Missile is still on here. If John gets to keep his “Detachable Penis,” I want my “Chocolate Salty Balls” back!

After years and years of denial, I have finally accepted that I cannot wear shoes with any kind of heel. There’s some kind of tendon (? I’m not a medical professional) that runs across my ankle and the top of my foot that gets sore/irritated even when wearing square-ish shoes with relatively low, wide heels. John doesn’t like these shoes anyway, but my rule of thumb when shopping goes like this:
1. comfort
2. fits *my* sense of aesthetics
3. fits other people’s sense of aesthetics

If someone tries to force #3 into the #2 or even the #1 spot, I feel compelled to invoke the “Bite Me” rule. (See sock post.)

As much as I like to pretend that I hate the expression “stupid cow,” I must say that it is perfect in certain situations. Say, when 2 girls are sitting on the stairs chatting and people are trying to get past in a space big enough for just 1 person.

I walked most of the way home from town this afternoon so I could TAKE MORE PHOTOS! Bwa ha ha! If you can’t stand the photos, stay out of the album! Or something. I had 120 photos when I walked in the door, but I pared them down and sorted them out, so there are now just under half up at yahoo. (I wasn’t going to inflict more Spring on you all, but a little bird told me that at least one of you likes them.)

Today was the first hot day this year. 30C! (86F) My grandmother mentioned they finally had a day *below* 90 a week or so ago in West Texas. But for us it was wonderfully hot and sunny. Walking around, I noticed all the smells of Spring/Early Summer that you don’t notice are missing: the river, cut grass, cow manure (near a small dairy), a faint scent of flowers. Lovely!

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