Thursday, November 16, 2006

Gobble! Gobble!

The turkey and I will have a lot in common on Thanksgiving Day:

We’ll both be lying on a table with our legs in unusual positions.

We’ll both be stuck with metal implements.

We’ll both have more of our insides seen than we might like.

We’ll both be glad the day only comes once a year.

Guess what I’ll be doing, and I’ll scrounge up a prize for the first one to guess right.


Jooge said...

Ahhhh! The joys of the annual exam. Do they at least warm up the speculum?

LilSis said...

And to think that my kids are grossed out when they see me, as they say, stick my hand up the turkey's butt. The girls have no idea what life holds in store for them. You have my sympathy...

Nee S. said...

We have a wiener! I'll put something extra in with your bday gift *cough cough*, whenever that is. Xmas might be xtra generous this year for Jooge. ;-p

She didn't warm up anything last time. *sigh* And German doctors use a special chair, not a table. It must be easier for the doctor, but sitting with your ass hanging off and your legs around your ears is not the most, um, dignified, position.

Jooge said...

That "chair" looks like a torture device.