Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Rubbing It In

Don't hate me for living in such a beautiful corner of the world. Hate me for gloating about it. ;-p

View from our study
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View from our upstairs bathroom
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westexgirl said...

You may be living surrounded in beauty right now, but in a few weeks time, your corner of the world will be buried in snow and sludge and my landscape will be gloriously unchanged. ;)

Nee S. said...

Au contraire! It will be a beautiful winter wonderland until at least February, when it will be filled with slush, etc. ;-p

Fortunately for my sanity, we live in (I think) the second warmest location in Germany. And today the whole region is supposed to have a heat wave (forecast high of 26-27C/77F), so snow is still a distant memory.