Monday, June 26, 2006

Nee is a sack of pissed

Today has basically been a shitter of a day. I slept badly last night, going to bed late but waking up frequently between dreams of my sister’s Baroque underwater-resort wedding and Kermit the Frog overcharging me at the buffet and Antonio Banderas outwitting some spies on a sunken boat.

After my meeting with my Term Paper advisor this morning, I wanted a cup of coffee but only had 70 cents, so I chanced the coffee automat in the department. Fucking machine. Last time it only gave me half a cup of coffee, this time it gave me a cup with a hole in the bottom. I was so pissed I poured it down the sink (after dripping a large portion on the floor while I figured out where the leak was coming from). Can you imagine? Too mad to drink cheap, bad, leaky coffee? I’m officially through with that coffee machine.

I bumped something while making copies, and many more than I actually wanted started shooting out of the machine. I got that under control, turned in the book I was copying from, and only realized later that I had copied one page wrong. I can’t recheck the book until tomorrow. Then I couldn’t find some other info I was looking for in the library.

And to top it off, on the ride home, we were stuck for about 20 minutes because I think our bus driver witnessed an accident (I was in the back of a double-length bus) and had to stick around until the cops, the ambulance, and the emergency doctor on call showed up. By the time I got home, I was a sad sack. I turned off my brain and did the last of the dishes I started last night.

At least I managed to get through my meeting with my T.P. advisor without 1. embarrassing myself or 2. him berating me. He’s a really nice person—basically the Mr. Rogers of Linguistics (including the cute little sweater in the winter). Very encouraging and supportive and non-threatening. I also managed to turn in another translation homework without bursting into flames, but it was a close thing.

At least the workmen came out to do *something* on the roof again. We had a pretty big storm blow in last night, and water was pouring out of 2 spots in the ceiling. We haven’t seen the guy who was supposed to be finishing out the inside of the Winter Garden, but we would like to be able to use the room, if only to open the windows to catch some more breeze up here in no-air-conditioning land.

Sorry that I've shown up only to bitch and moan, but what else is this thing for? :-)

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