Thursday, April 27, 2006

Now with 50% less smart-ass

Here's Hannah's recent phone conversation with a school-mate (translated into English):

Hello. This is Hannah.
Han! Nah!
longer pause
I'm calling to tell you I can come to your birthday party on Saturday.
I can come to your party on Saturday!
On Saturday! Your party! I can come!
Okay. See you Saturday.
Saturday! Bye!

It seems there was a lot of background noise on the other end.

I like reading other people's blogs, but it feels kind of weird talking about them on my own blog. I mean, slightly voyeuristic or something. Usually I just plop them onto my blog roll and let people find them as they will. But today I am making a special case for Julia. She has been blogging (in addition to other things) her infertility problems, and although my heart breaks for her, you have to admire how honest and straightforward she is about her experience. So a little background on her for anyone who wants to click the link: She just had her 10th miscarriage after finding out through CVS that her baby had genetic abnormalities. She has a little boy who I think is 3 or 4, but she had miscarriages before and after she had him, I believe.

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