Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Bumming Around

It's really hard to work for some reason, so I am trying to find things to do that seem at least as important to me, like blogging and washing laundry. yippee

John's back has gone out on him again. He has an appointment with the orthopedist tomorrow, so today I talked him into staying on the couch with a hot wattle bottle and some Aleve and the Dan Brown novel he's been reading. The last time this happened was just days before we flew to the States at Xmas 2004, but at least this time we have some idea what to do for it until he can get in to see the doctor. And he doesn't have to start teaching until Monday, so that gives us a couple of days to get him back on his feet. Poor baby. He couldn't even tie his shoes this morning when I took him to the GP for the referral. And if he has to stand up, he has to hold onto something for support until his spine can handle being vertical. I've already told him, repeatedly, that there is no way he is skipping out on physical therapy this time. There are at least 3 physical therapists in our village, so there's no excuse for not going.

Hannah is at the play program; she was a bit concerned this morning that it would be like school, but I reassured her that no learning is required there. Whew! John was quite disturbed by our conversation, I think.

I finished novel number 2, Toni Morrison's Paradise. It was an excellent read. The only other work of hers I have read was Beloved, and it is also wonderful. I must make an effort to get my mitts on more of her work, but I still have Philip Roth's American Pastoral to get through, plus a butt-load of school stuff. So no pleasure reading until summer.

We have reserved a cabin in Sweden for a week-long vacation in August, and we have decided that it will strictly be off-the-clock time for all of us. I already told John that my suitcase will be half full of the Terry Pratchett collection I still haven't read from Xmas. We're planning on taking plenty of rowboat rides, bike rides, and maybe a little walking around, but otherwise plenty of not-doing-anything-in-particular time. I can't wait!

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