Thursday, March 02, 2006

It's War!

Hannah and John have had a battle of wills going over the state of her room for a couple of days. So far, to get out of cleaning up, Hannah has:

1. thrown a giant tantrum and locked herself in her room.

2. taken a 2+ hour bath.

3. read a Swedish book, because she knows that her dad would NEVER make her stop doing anything she willingly chose to do in Swedish. Closely related to this is 'learning': "Dad, I can't stop using the computer--I'm learning!" Yes, PBS is supposed to be educational, but playing games with Arthur and Buster may be a borderline case.

But John finally pulled out the big guns and told her no tv and no newest installment of her favorite film series if she doesn't get busy. So at least we can see the living room floor again. The movie may have come out on video by the time she finishes her room, though.

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