Wednesday, March 15, 2006

From the Mind of Nee

John said I should start collecting all my „unique utterances“, meaning things that no one in the world has ever said before, in all likelihood. That’s a polite way of saying “all the crazy crap that comes out of my mouth” (although there’s not enough paper in the world for that). So here are the few we could remember (going back 10 years), but that have become the stuff of legend around Chez Nee:

To John: “Baby David Crosby can kiss my butt!”

To Hannah: “Quit kissing Lenin and eat your dinner!”

To John: “Quit rolling my shit up!” [shit=car window, in this case]


westexgirl said...

One of these days I will learn to quit eating/drinking while reading your blog so I don't choke to death. For some reason that "Quit rolling my shit up!" really got to me. ;)

Nee S. said...

What was so funny about it (at the time) was that the AC was out on our car, and John kept accidentally rolling up the window with his knee on the automatic button-thingy on the door. About the third time, I was totally flustered, and it just flew out of my mouth. I'm thinking of using it in a rap.