Saturday, January 21, 2006

Where's my mohawk?

You know how strict teetotalers are supposed to basically be repressed alcoholics? Well, I think uptight people like myself are probably repressed anarchists. I say this because I frequently find myself stamping down anti-social and violent urges, like head-butting the jackass sitting back-to-back with me on the bus, or kicking saggy-panted teens into the street (after yanking said pants down), or stabbing annoying classmates in the head with my pen. If I actually acted on any of these urges, I would be so punk rock. *heh heh*

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westexgirl said...

My friend, my soul's sister... how alike we are. Just yesterday I had to fight the urge to stab a fork into the leg of the waitress that was too stupid/lazy to notice that the crying baby in the restaurant was the one at my table, in her section, that had been waiting for milk far too long. I entertain similar fantasies often enough that I secretly believe I should be forced to wear a label warning that I may snap at any second and become the anarchist/vigilante that rages in my heart. ;)