Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Letting It Down Easy

Dear Computer,

I love you, but I can’t keep seeing you. The hours and hours of mind-numbing entertainment with you were great, but now I’ve got to move on. We’ll still see each other once in a while, but we’ll be more like work-friends who don’t socialize outside the office, and less like real friends that happen to work together but go to each other’s kids’ birthday parties, whose husbands fool around on the guitar and brew beer together, who laugh themselves into asphyxiation watching Waking Ned (Divine) together.

No, it’s strictly a working relationship now: a little email, some word-processing, a bit of Internet research, and the occasional blog post, but that’s it. No more evenings spent surfing the web and other people’s blogs; no more hours of solitaire; no more 26 levels of Homing Hippogriffs.

I hope you understand.


Ps. Lovely Husband hasn’t abandoned you. I hope you like Democracy Now webcasts, though.


westexgirl said...

Please, please, please keep the "occasional blog posts" as regular and frequent as possible. There are days when it is the sole source of reason in my world. ;)

Nee S. said...

I almost snarfed when I read "sole source of reason in my world." D.D. told me the other day I was acting like a child, and L.H. calls me crazy on a regular basis (just cause I was flapping my feet to music in my head last night, sheesh!). It must be a real madhouse with you. *vbg*