Monday, June 27, 2005

Throwing You a Bone

For various reasons, I'm not particularly in posting mode right now, but to keep gwamma and the aunties happy, I figure I can post some oldies but goodies from D.D.'s speech log. (L.H. has been keeping notes on her language(s) development since she started talking, but about 1/4 of the entries are just cute things she said.)


Age 4
(about Swedish) "That's the old stuff to talk; I like new stuff like I'm talking right now.... I don't like stuff that's junky and funky."

D.D.'s version of the Pledge of Allegiance: " the United States and North America and South and April and March. Very good."

"I flang it." (past tense of 'fling', don't you know)

In her Yoda phase: "Pin can you not hold in your mouth." (I had some sewing pins in my mouth.)

Why she supposedly couldn't speak Swedish anymore: "A little troll that's named Maha, he came and took the Swedish away from my heart."

D.D. wanted to tussle with L.H.: "Daddy, bend down so I can kick your butt."

When I was cleaning out the coffee pot with vinegar: "That's the worstest coffee you ever made!"

Yoda redux
me: "There are lots of buildings [in Dallas]!"
D.D.: "And big are they, too."

Age 5
During a difficult BM: "I'm gonna die!"
After I tried to comfort her: "I *want* to die!"

After visiting the grands in LA: "Fangers. That's how Pawpaw says it."

L.H.: "Why did you put a cotton ball in Barbie's dress?"
D.D.: "Because so her boobs will look bigger. Fashion style."

D.D. wanted Lucky Charms, and she promised to eat "the lucky *and* the charms."

While watching a funny movie: "This part cracks me off!"

Age 6
While watching the wedding scene at the end of Star Wars, Episode 2
me: "I think grabbing onto a metallic hand [Anakin's] would ruin the moment."
D.D.: "A can of tuna on someone's head would be a little romantic."

Inside D.D.'s brain: She was musing that the only holiday when devils like to come up to the world is Thanksgiving, because they like to see those dead turkeys.

After eating corn chips in the car: "My tummy is upset. It's upset at those Fritos because they were so salty."

While looking at some golden, bejeweled chalices in a museum: "Too much God."

To the philosophical question, "Why are we here?": So we could eat and drink and so God could watch us on his television.

Age 7
On why she had been in trouble in the recent past: "Sometimes I go far away from my right self and I do bad (stuff)."

D.D. wanted to take a knife to her hard-frozen ice cream, but her dad counseled patience.
(translated from German) "*groan* Patience takes too long."

"Daddy, I would like a thermostat for tomato soup with Mommy's homemade bread" [in her lunch box].

L.H.: "What's this device called?" [pointing to a comic strip drawing of a guillotine]
D.D.: "A head off-chopper?"

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KarenS said...

Hi Nee, This entry is my favorite of all time! "Bend over Daddy, so I can kick your butt" just cracks me off! Love you all, Hugs, and kisses to my sweet DGD, Mom in La.