Sunday, May 29, 2005

All D.D., All This Time

I Think I'm Turning Japanese (sing it if you know it). D.D. has gotten into the habit of asking for a drink out of the "waddle boddle." Now I can't say it right. I even caught myself writing "watel" the other day. And it's starting to bleed over into other words. Sometimes I don't even sound like I'm speaking English when I get on a roll.

D.D. is very flexible; she's inherited my grandmother's "loose hips." That means I know 2 people who can cross their legs at the knee, then tuck the top foot behind the ankle of the bottom leg. I certainly can't do it. She's been entertaining us recently by bending and crossing her legs into the shapes of different numbers. She can do 4, 0, and 8, and we expect her to start on letters any time now.

I think D.D. is veering into "whoa, take it easy, kid" territory. I put her in the tub yesterday afternoon, and she asked me to pull the stool over by the tub. On it were her clean shirt, a book of Far Side comic strips, and a guide to the first few seasons of the Simpsons (thanks, JKL!—pre-JEKL). She couldn't believe I wouldn't let her *read in the tub*--"I'll dry my hands off first!" So she read the Far Side book as part of her bedtime reading ritual instead.

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